A Little About Us

Established 1951

The Southern Quill, first printed in 1951 and published by Utah Tech University, has been in circulation for more than half a century. Each year, between October and March, the journal welcomes exceptional and polished submissions of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and visual arts from writers and artists residing in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.

We are an eclectic group of Utah Tech University students and their advisor, Cindy King. Our combined backgrounds and our enthusiasm for creative works of all kinds make us the perfect team to compile this journal and give back to our local literary and artistic community.

Sydney's Headshot bigger_edited.jpg
Sydney Brooks
Managing Editor

Sydney Brooks is the Managing Editor for The Southern Quill and a Junior at Dixie State University. She is pursuing her Bachelor's Degree in Professional and Technical Writing with a minor in Spanish. Her goal is to join the publishing industry and edit the undiscovered literary gems of the world. If not found with a book in hand, Sydney enjoys running, music, eating snow cones, and giving all the dogs belly rubs.

Adrian Headshot_edited.jpg
Adrian Schroeck
Layout and Design Specialist

Adrian is a twenty-year-old design student with a keen interest in almost anything to do with the visual arts. He has been making art since he was a child and has recently involved himself in video production and digital design as well. Other than the arts he loves keeping up with politics including anything local! He will be the Layout and Design Specialist for the 71st edition of The Southern Quill.

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Danielle Talbot
Creative Nonfiction Editor

Danielle Talbot, Creative Nonfiction Editor for The Southern Quill, is a Senior at Dixie State University pursuing a BA in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing and a Minor in Art. She enjoys music, podcasts, writing short stories (mostly horror), and traveling. She finds inspiration from nature and the wonders hidden within.

The 70th Anniversary edition of The Southern Quill contains two of Danielle’s first published pieces, “Invisible Beauty,” a story of self-acceptance, and “Isolation,” a haiku about feeling trapped and losing one’s humanity in today’s world. She hopes to one day become a published author for young adults.

Rebekah Heintz
Fiction Editor

Rebekah Heintz is a senior at Dixie State University majoring in English: Creative Writing Emphasis. She loves to read and write fiction, so she is thrilled to be the Fiction Editor for the 71st edition of The Southern Quill. Along with reading and writing, Rebekah also enjoys
playing video games, spending time with her family, or taking a walk through the park.

Her previous works include, “The Crawl Space,” a short story thriller published in The Southern Quill, and “Fifteen Minutes,” a flash creative nonfiction about enduring hardships and change, published by Route 7 Review.

Cammie Headshot.jpg
Cammie Johnson
Poetry Editor

Cammie Johnson is a senior majoring in English: Creative Writing Emphasis. She is from Hurricane, UT. She absolutely loves to travel and will do it whenever she can get the chance. She hopes to one day be able to incorporate her love for writing with her love for traveling so she can work and see the world simultaneously. She is excited to be working as the Poetry Editor for The Southern Quill.

Claire Headshot.jpg
Claire Bernay
Visual Art Editor

Claire Bernay is a junior at DSU and is studying English with a Creative Writing emphasis and a Minor in Art. She loves painting, writing, and ceramics. She spends her time generating story ideas, creating art through clay and paint, and writing. She hopes to someday become a world renown author, artist, and poet. She is excited to take on the role of the Art Editor at The Southern Quill.

Delaney M Headshot.jpeg
Delaney Marich

Delaney Marich is a senior at DSU serving as a copy editor for The Southern Quill. She will graduate in May with her Bachelors of Science in English with an emphasis in Professional and Technical Writing. 

She loves reading, writing, and photography and remains in perpetual pursuit of new hobbies.

After graduation, Delaney aspires to obtain a graduate degree and career in Library and Information Studies. 

Shakhnoza Headshot.jpg
Shakhnoza Rakhimova
Assistant Editor

Shakhnoza is originally from Uzbekistan which is one of the most ancient countries in Central Asia and famous for its majestic architecture, amazing food, and hospitality.


She is majoring in English and Literature as an exchange student of the Global UGRAD program and is having her Spring Semester at Dixie State University. She looks forward to exploring the amazing state of Utah and plunging into the world of art and literature as an Assitant Editor with The Southern Quill!

Laiba Headshot.jpg
Laiba Ali
Assitant Editor

Laiba Ali is an exchange student from Azad Kashmir (Pakistan) also known as "paradise on earth". She is excited to be a part of The Southern Quill which is enabling me to discover different domains of arts and writing in the best way possible. She will be serving as an Assistant Editor for the 71st edition of The Southern Quill.

Dixie State University

The Southern Quill is published right here on Dixie State University's campus in sunny

St. George, Utah.