A Little About Us

The Southern Quill is comprised of an eclectic group of Dixie State University students and their advisor. Our combined backgrounds and our enthusiasm for art of all kinds make us the perfect team to compile this journal and give back to our local literary and artistic community.

Ashton Barney

Ashton Barney is the graphic/layout designer on the staff. Ashton loves everything writing, reading, photography, and screaming about fictional characters. Ashton may have a slight obsession with tea, plants, and design. 

Autumn Nuzman

Autumn Nuzman is the assistant poetry editor for The Southern Quill. She's also the copy editor for the Dixie Sun News. In her free time, she likes to read, write stories, and play video games.

Denali Lathrop

Denali Lathrop is a senior at Dixie State and is the managing editor for the 2020 edition of The Southern Quill. She loves the English language and creative writing. Denali enjoys reading, writing, being outdoors,  photography, traveling, and deep conversations.

Devon Robinson

Devon Robinson is the Poetry Editor. She is a senior at DSU, pursuing a BS in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing. Devon enjoys writing poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and screenplays. She has high aspirations for her writing and hopes to inspire those around her with her words.

Julie Handy

Julie Handy is our Visual Arts Editor! She is from small-town Utah and is an English Major with an emphasis in Professional/Technical writing. She has a firm belief that a day spent by a river in the sun can wash your troubles away.

Makayla Carter

Makayla Carter is a sophomore at DSU and an English Major. She loves all things creative: reading, writing, singing, drawing; and painting. She plays Dungeons and Dragons every Saturday. Outside of the Southern Quill she also works as a personal assistant to an author.

Mary McFadden

Mary McFadden is our Creative Nonfiction Editor and is a non-traditional student, returning to school while the youngest of her three children were still in high school. She has earned two associate’s degrees and is working on her bachelor's in English, with a creative writing emphasis. 

Yasel Sánchez

Yasel Sánchez is editor of the Young Adult genre. He is a Junior at Dixie State University pursuing a BA in English with an emphasis of professional/ technical writing. He enjoys painting, politics, and ballroom dancing in his free time.

Jarrett Childers

Jarrett Childers is a Senior at DSU. A true nerd at heart and lover of fiction and fantasy. Jarrett is a father and husband and aspiring author and content creator. He is the assistant fiction editor.

Morelia Lee

Morelia Lee is the Fiction Editor and is a Senior at Dixie State University. She has been writing fiction for most of her life. She helped found the Weavers of Words, the creative writing club, here at Dixie and served as its secretary for two years.

Dixie State University

The Southern Quill is published right here on Dixie State University's campus in sunny

St. George, Utah.

Southern Quill's annual publication would not be possible without our generous donors, contributors both writers and artists, and the hard work from our dedicated staff.  Thank you for making this journal a reality.