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A Little About Us

Established 1951

The Southern Quill, first printed in 1951 and published by Utah Tech University, has been in circulation for more than half a century. Each year, between October and March, the journal welcomes exceptional and polished submissions of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and visual arts from writers and artists residing anywhere in the USA.

We are an eclectic group of Utah Tech University students and their advisor, Dr. Cindy King. Our combined backgrounds and our enthusiasm for creative works of all kinds make us the perfect team to compile this journal and give back to our local literary and artistic community.

Alyssa Bayles
Managing Editor

Alyssa is from Delta, Colorado, and is majoring in English with an emphasis in professional and technical writing. After graduation, she plans to pursue a master’s degree and ultimately get a job as an editor. Alyssa’s dream is to eventually become an author. In her free time, Alyssa can be found with a book in her hand, hanging out with family or friends, or enjoying the outdoors.

Analee Hall
Layout and Design Specialist

Analee is a graphic design major, looking to go into print, packaging, and publication design. She is from Boise, Idaho, and moved to St. George for college. She loves to read and she adores everything artistic, especially painting and digital design work. She loves the outdoors and spending time in the mountains with her family and dogs. 

Owen Johnson
Fiction Editor and Webmaster

Owen Johnson is an English major working on a bachelor’s in Technical Writing and Digital Rhetoric along with a double minor in Creative

Writing and Social Justice.
He's always writing; for fun, work, and school. Outside of his busy life, he enjoys consuming stories in the form of books, video games, and TV shows.

Madisyn Bishop
Creative Nonfiction Editor

Madisyn is majoring in English with an emphasis in Literary Studies. After graduation, she plans to go to graduate school. When she isn’t at school, she can be found with her nose in a book, baking, or writing. She is excited to be a Creative Nonfiction editor and is eager to contribute to this years publication. 

Jaxon Tuller
Poetry Editor

Jaxon is a second-year student at Utah Tech. He is studying English with an emphasis in Professional and Technical Writing. After Utah Tech, he plans on attending graduate school to further his education. Outside of English, he enjoys listening to music and spending time at the pool.

Stevie Lytle
Visual Arts Editor

Stevie Lytle is a freshman majoring in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing, and minoring in Media Studies. Stevie has been writing and designing all her life and is happy to finally get the opportunity to put her passions to task. She aspires to one day use her experience to become an author herself. Loving all creative things, Stevie spends her free time reading, writing, or drawing (as well as weightlifting!). She is thrilled to be considered a part of The Southern Quill this year, and equally excited to review all the art, fiction, and various creative works for the 2024 edition." 

Utah Tech University

The Southern Quill is published right here on Utah Tech University's campus in sunny
St. George, Utah.

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