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A Little About Us

Established 1951

The Southern Quill, first printed in 1951 and published by Utah Tech University, has been in circulation for more than half a century. Each year, between October and March, the journal welcomes exceptional and polished submissions of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and visual arts from writers and artists residing anywhere in the USA.

We are an eclectic group of Utah Tech University students and their advisor, Cindy King. Our combined backgrounds and our enthusiasm for creative works of all kinds make us the perfect team to compile this journal and give back to our local literary and artistic community.

Haylie Headshot.png
Haylie Jacobson
Managing Editor

Haylie is a junior at Utah Tech University and is studying English with a secondary education emphasis. This year, she will serve as the Managing Editor for The Southern Quill. Haylie will read just about anything she comes in contact with (although she tends to start way more books than she finishes). When she's not reading, Haylie is often found at the gym. She also enjoys playing volleyball, sewing, and baking.

Taylor Marshall
Layout and Design Specialist

Taylor Marshall is a junior at Utah Tech and is our Layout and Design Specialist. She is majoring in graphic design and minoring in creative writing. After graduating, she plans on taking a well-deserved break from school and will probably do some traveling. She also hopes to start her own business and possibly find a job in the publishing industry. She enjoys reading, binge-watching a good sitcom, doing puzzles, and playing volleyball in her spare time.

DYlan staheli
Creative Nonfiction Editor

Dylan Staheli is a senior at Utah Tech University. A native of St. George, he is pursuing a degree in English and Communications. He is excited to hold the position of Creative Nonfiction Editor and is eager to contribute to the success of this year’s publication. His professional background is in technical report writing, but he also enjoys exploring varieties of different writing styles. He has lived in four different countries and enjoys reading, writing, traveling, exercising, snowboarding, trying new things, and spending time with his family.

Jordan Beck
Fiction Editor

Jordan is a junior transfer majoring in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing.  He hails from the great Windy City of Chicago and does not yet regret his decision to move to the beautiful state of Utah.  When not at home, he can be found working with plants at Star Nursery, writing/reading in a coffee shop, hiking, or driving around listening to music and looking for good tacos.  He is thrilled to be this year’s Fiction Editor and looks forward to reading all of the wonderful submissions.

Samantha Holland
Poetry Editor

Samantha Holland is a junior majoring in English education. Her academic experience has been gratifying because of her deep attachment to all things poetry. She has had her poetry published in The Southern Quill and a women-in-horror poetry anthology, Under Her Skin. After moving from California to Southern Utah with her husband and three children 10 years ago, she has grown fond of Utah's stunning beauty and breathtaking scenery. 

Lexie Dalton
Visual Arts Editor

Lexie Dalton is a senior at Utah Tech University majoring in English
with a technical writing emphasis, American Sign Language minor, and
Art minor. She loves traveling, music, ASL, reading, writing, drawing,
painting, and pottery. Lexie has written several articles for Utah
Tech’s Academic Report Journal; she loves to meet new people and
report on important topics. She is excited to be a part of Southern
Quill and have the opportunity to review unique pieces of writing and
art. Lexie hopes to work in the legal or journalism field and continue
to create art on the side.

jack allred

Jack Allred is a fresh member of the Southern Quill and is an aspiring fantasy author. With a series of short stories published and two novels underwork, being part of the literary magazine is an insightful and profound opportunity.  Aside from writing, Jack enjoys spending his time in carpentry, wrestling, and swimming.

alyssa bayles

Alyssa is from Delta, Colorado, and is majoring in English with an emphasis in professional and technical writing. After graduation, she plans to pursue a master’s degree and ultimately get a job as an editor. Alyssa’s dream is to eventually become an author. In her free time, Alyssa can be found with a book in her hand, hanging out with family or friends, or enjoying the outdoors.

Alan campbell

After taking a break from his academic career, Alan has returned to college fueled by his ardent love for creative writing and the comfort it has brought him in his lifetime. His time spent away from school has been filled with hours of partaking in, and passionately discussing the art of storytelling with anyone fortunate—or unfortunate—enough to find themselves within ear shot. His zeal for writing is second only to the love he has for his friends: who are always good sports when putting up with his impassioned and impromptu spiels.

Rebekah Caldwell

Rebekah Caldwell is a Senior studying English with an emphasis in creative writing. She is an intern for the Southern Quill this semester. In her free time she enjoys cooking and hanging out with her hedgehog and cat.

Utah Tech University

The Southern Quill is published right here on Utah Tech University's campus in sunny
St. George, Utah.

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