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The 2018 Edition of The Southern Quill


Editors’ Notes

Annie Atkin Tanner Memorial Poetry Scholarship

Naythan M. Bell Fiction Award



Cadence Summers | AB

Sara Martinez | Race Confused

Jacob Shakespeare | Family Bones

Stacy Dixon | Amost

Lorraine Jeffery | Word Song

Bronson D. Beatty | Little Eggs

Brynna Tanner | Sun Spot

Jennifer Marsh | Realistic Expectations

Alexander Derbidge | 3 Months in the Desert

Braxton Thornley | Apeture

Jeremy Jocelyn | Ode to the Knife

Logan Stott | Fortune Cookies & Read Label

Shane Frampton | The Bridge

Cassandra Smith | Stars In My Skin

Micheal Guynn | Wise Old King

Eva Sanchez | Life is About the Two Letters in the middle: IF




Alexander Derbidge | How to Get Into Selling Drugs

Leslie Twitchell | Signs of Terror

Braxton Thornley | Rocks, Wors & A Tree

Alex Everett | February Oranges

Sara Martinez | The Slow March of the Flower Girl

Romee Johnson | Deceiving Peels




Chelsea Flake | Rebinders

Markay Brown | Pine Sol and Chanel #5

Lorraine Jeffery | A Gallon of Water

Ben Luce | The All-American Dad



Young Adult


Elizabeth Stewart | Wolf’s Moonlit Valley

Mikaila Worthen | Will You?

Rachel Hatch | Making A Change

Vanessa Ottley | My Dad


Visual Arts


Havoc Hendricks | Granite Panels

Jason Millward | Untitled

Jody Gerber | Breaking Free

Jessie Pectol | Don’t You Forget

Tanner Lund | Untitled

Sean Bauer | Grafton

Burkley Page | Black and White Tunnel

Stone Lambert | Carry Out

Gary Jacobson | Rhino

Beau Elliot | Untitled

Cortney Carter | Mental Wilderness

Tyler Swain | Banana Portrait

Chuck Landvatter | Untitled

Theresa Swindell | Untitled

Micheal Wall | Unalterable Nuage

Andrew Rice | Melancholia

David Habben | The Floods

Zariah Tracy | Silence

Paxton Gibson | Meraviglia



Featured Artist: Ryder Boren

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Contributors’ Notes

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