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Since 1951, The Southern Quill has remained dedicated to serving as a vehicle for the creative voices of the Dixie State University and the southern Utah community. We are proud to publish the finest poetry, fiction, non-fiction, young adult literature, and artwork the region has to offer. 

 If you are interested in submitting your work to The Southern Quill, working for The Southern Quill, or learning more about The Southern Quill's history, please see the links below. 

  • Submissions: The submission deadline for the 2017 journal will be Monday, March 20, 2017The Southern Quill accepts poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and artwork. For more information concerning the submission process, please see the following link

  • About The Southern Quill: The Southern Quill has a long and extensive history of publishing opportunities. For more information about past journals and events, please see the following links


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